Launcher FAQ

Currently, Project Carbonite is in its Open Alpha stage. Planned features are being added to the TC every day, and restarts will be random to accommodate new patches. Keep your eyes peeled for any “server will shutdown in x minutes” messages.

In order to connect all you need to do is the following:

  • Have a clean install of SWG from your disks in a directory on your ‘C:\’ drive named specifically for playing on this server. Example: “SWG_Carbonite” so you can differentiate between other servers you might have played on, and when this goes Live you can reuse or make another folder.
  • You’ll want to have already downloaded the “Mod the Galaxy” Tre files found here. Place those TRE files into the “root” of your SWG install folder. An example would be: “C:/games/SWG_Carbonite”. It will make the patching process extremely fast if you already have the MTG Tre files in your game folder.
  • Once you’ve got a clean install of SWG grab the launcher from here, install it, and once the patching is done click on ‘Config’ and change the server to your preferred version. There are two versions you’ll care about: Modded and Unmodded. Modded is the preferred playing experience on Carbonite, however if your machine is very old and runs poorly then Unmodded is recommended. Lastly, hit the ‘Change Server’ button on the left and it should allow you to connect.
  • You’ll also need to create an account here: register
  • Things Planned, In development, and completed can be found here.

Optional Content:

  • Custom UI mod for Carbonite that combines several MTG UI mods and then heavily customizes them: here
    • Just drop this carbonite_gfx.tre file into the root of your SWG_Carbonite folder