Welcome to an SWGemu community server!

Made With community in mind

Project Carbonite was created with the intent of building a strong community to enjoy Star Wars in all its glory and horror. The goal here isn’t to establish a temporary distraction, but a long lasting experience!

balance is always a priority

We’re not looking to make sweeping changes that don’t make sense, and we want every class (even crafters and scouts!) to matter with longevity in mind. No ADKs, no Resource kits, and an economy that matters. Jedi won’t be the end-game every chases, but Jedi won’t be neutered, either.

built for an emu-population

What most servers get wrong is that they stick too closely to the original design of live StarWars: Galaxies servers. Live servers were built with thousands if not tens-of-thousands in mind as an active population. We’re striving to keep complexity alive in SWG, but always design gameplay with realistic population concerns.

Under Construction, more to come!